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We love the rigidity in the science and the freedom of artistic expression in brewing beer. Standing on the shoulders of giants; we seek to bring refreshing, enjoyable and interesting brews that push the boundary of what exists today while honoring those that came before us.

Fixing the brewer pipe

West Coast DDH IPA

Climb Rate 6.9%

This IPA is packed with Mosaic LUPOMAX, Citra and Cascade hops creating a resinous, piney aroma, dank hop bitterness and a crisp finish.

India Golden Ale

Valkyrie 7.5%

Clean and refreshing. Brewed with Eldorado, Mosaic and Citra hops. The aroma of the white lacey foam fills your senses with notes of citrus, guava, and ripe fruit. The body is golden and clear with a soft and smooth finish. Perfect for any day.

Black Lager

Spatial Distortion 5.0%

Dark in color and light in body, with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee from carefully selected malts. A different type of very drinkable lager.

Helles Lager

Zeppelin 5.0%

Old-School Bohemian Helles lager. German malts provide subtle biscuit notes paired with classic noble hops to balance this brilliantly flavorful and easy drinking lager.

Imperial Stout

Iron Balls 11.1%

Smooth and velvety with a balance of dark chocolate and vanilla that you expect from a beer of this magnitude.

Coming Soon: The Barrel Aged version is resting in E.H. Taylor and Eagle Rare Bourbon Barrels.

Joe and Tom

We’ve been aviation nerds for as long as we can remember – back in our early years, we attempted to get anything remotely resembling an aircraft to fly using rubber bands, rockets, and anything else you could think of. A couple of cousins and happenstance best friends, we were determined to get off the ground. Growing up, we both landed jobs that allow us to experience the phenomenon of flight and the excitement of lifting off the ground has not faded.

Along the way, in 2008, we purchased a homebrew kit from a local shop and in our Portland apartment kitchen, the love of brewing began. Batch after batch, we honed our brews and grew in our passion, eventually making some great craft beers. It is the blend of art and science, initially drawing us to the beauty of flight, that also drives us to make great beer. The industries of aviation and brewing are bound by the laws of science, and through experimentation with endless variables, it’s a never-ending quest to enjoy the art in both.

15 years after making our first batch of beer we have opened our commercial brewery. So here we stand, humbly offering our best in meticulously engineered beers for whatever time of life you’re in – to share with that friend you haven’t seen in a while or to enjoy with the person you just had an amazing experience with – we wish you joy in whatever you do and wherever you are!

Tom and Joe